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Doolin and foolin’ with donkeys

In the words of the song, you can reach me by trailway… well, in Connaught, it’s more Doolin and foolin’ with donkeys.

I don’t know whether Oleta Adams ever ventured out to the west of Ireland…

She was, to be fair, more ‘camels with an Arab man’ than donkeys with two city kids.

But the Connemara mules did the job, helped by the fact that we decided not to ask the cottage owner the donkeys’ names.

Donkey Oatie

Coast and a host

And instead we christened them ourselves with mine tagged Oatie… as in Donkey Oatie.

Where once Connaught was seen as a Cromwell curse now it is a magnet for tourists to travel back in time.

And out west, wester than anywhere else before you hit America, you can enjoy the whole donkey and stone wall experience.

I dare say you can reach the mystical Aran Islands by many of Oleta’s modes of transport.

Ferrytale island

But we’d suggest the institution that is the Doolin Ferry instead.

Doolin Ferry’s state-of-the-art ferries operate daily cruises from Doolin Pier to the Aran Islands.

While passengers can also opt to board a Cliffs of Moher cruise.

Now those looking for something different, again should check out their private Seafari experiences.

Puffin special

And a puffin likes few things better than swimming around the Cliffs of Moher ferry

Particularly during their breeding season from the months of May until July.

Seaweed therapy

Ride on: The Aran Islands

Let nature heal you with an Aran Seaweed Bath on the island of Inis Oírr – 15 minutes from Doolin Pier.

So just lie back and think of the Aran Islands with their reflexology, hot stone massages, soothing facials and much more.

Glamp on Inis Mór

Celtic Ireland: And reconnect with history

Napoleon’s troops would have had to make do with a spot on the beach which in Gallic fashion they then named.

You get an upgrade with a pod on the Aran Islands Camping and Glamping site.

From Clare to here

Pony along: And an easier way to travel

The Clare coast is where dolphins, seals and sharks come out to play, and show off, for us.

Catch the Cliffs of Moher ferry to view basking sharks and common grey seals.

It is also common to see dolphin pods swim playfully alongside the ferry boats.

The big screen

And if you think you’ve seen it all before – well, you have.

JK Rowling doesn’t miss a trick and when you take the Cliffs of Moher ferry you’ll see c locations from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

While Ryan’s Daughter, Into The West and The Princess Bride were all played out here.

Deal us in

Fins can only get better: And special sealife

Find out more about ticket prices and sailing times here.

Visitors can book ferry tickets by phoning + 353 65 707 5555 or online at



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