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The Nifty Fifties, Davina McCall and me

Welcome to the Nifty Fifties, Davina McCall and me and TUI too.

You’ll know by now that TUI’s newspaper arm gave me my first break which came with a deal on their holidays.

And that included such first-time joys as Bulgaria and Turkey.

And as wonderful as our guide and party were then, they didn’t include Davina McCall!

The Divine Davina

At a stretch: Davina shows us how it’s done

Back then, Davina, of course, had her music fest gig on, as we all did.

And while I’m sure she can still rip it up with the best of them, as we all can, she only has that figure because she looks after herself.

And so she happily limbered up, stretched those limbs and headed out to the Grand Azur in Marmaris in Turkey.

Where she flicked through TUI’s Wellness Menu and shared…

All on the back of findings from TUI Blue, its hotel brand, which tells us that two out of three of us have actually felt worse after trying a wellness trend.

Davina is clearly the one as she testified after road-testing the Menu in Turkey.

On the Menu

Candle in the swim: Ultimate relaxation

The Wellness Menu offers authentic cooking classes to yoga, exploring local culture to aqua-fun.

Spoilt for choice? Don’t know what to do?

BLUE Guides will be on hand to help curate ideal itineraries.

And they will give expert insights and tips from the most indulgent foods to the best sunbathing spots.

Before taking to the Med for paddle boarding, the fitness enthusiast took part in TUI BLUE’s power yoga, beat-driven fitness class, FlowTheBeat.

And don’t you just feel for her classmates, matching the Divine Davina?

Make a Mezze

Turk that: Davina cooks up a storm

Getting to grips with local flavours, Davina satisfied her inner foodie with a TUI Blue cooking class and prepared Turkish mezze.

Over to Davina now: What works best for me might not work for everyone else, and it’s also something extremely personal that will change as you get older.

‘Finding what works for your own wellbeing shouldn’t be dictated by the latest trends on social media or stereotypical wellness tropes.’

Stroll on: And a walk on the beach

All of which should me music to the ears of women, and young girls, who are bombarded with messages about what’s wrong with their bodies.

And how to fix it at a cost… when you look just fine, and it should be fun.

TUI Blue’s message is pitched in its ‘Find Your Happy’ microsite.

We’re glad to see here too that Davina loves a hammam… who doesn’t?

Hamam Ma’am

And you can relax too: Easy living

And just a tip if you’re reading Davina, and we know you do, you should join the cast of the Great and Good and Great Unwashed.

Such as Florence Nightingale, John Travolta, Rudolf Nureyev, Kate Moss and East 17.

At the Cagaloglu Hamam in Istanbul.

Hamam bam: Our hamam

Now I’d struggle to touch my knees, never mind my toes, and God knows I’ve tried.

But the hamam we all can enjoy and that’s my secret.

Hope you can enjoy us… welcome to the Nifty Fifties, Davina McCall and me and TUI too.




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