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Flagging up Betsy Ross and Philly

And so I put a hat on it at the US Soiree in Dublin and planned all things Philadelphia with the sponsors… and the chance to be flagging up Betsy Ross and Philly.

Because I’ve been known to drop everything to wrap myself up in the Stars and Stripes.

Crackin’: The Liberty Bell

And even got up at the crack of dawn to take an eight-hour round trip from Washington DC to Philly to see an old bell, and a cracked one at that.

Of course, you can’t do everything in Philly in an afternoon.


Rocky and Jocky: In Philadelphia

With my old pal and Britain’s biggest Phillyphile Greg Evans spending a lifetime promoting the City of Brotherly Love to all us travel professionals.

And that is why the most famous Philadelphian woman of them all and her house remain on my to-do list.

No, not Adrian, Rocky’s beloved…

Ross the boss

Earn your stripes: Bear with us

But Betsy Ross who bequeathed to future generations the Stars and Stripes.

Betsy, as it happens, would be 270 if she were alive today.

But in fairness she looks good on it at the Betsy Ross House.

You’ll see her as small as life (women in those days were legally obliged to be tiny).

At the end of your tour of the house.

That’s fare

Betsy’s flag: And by George, that’ll do

Betsy is the perfect host in her upholstery shop where she will lead you through her exciting life and times.

Now Betsy’s welcome extends to only charin adults $8 for a ticket or $10 for the audio tour.

While children, seniors, military and students can find out how Betsy is woven into the American tapestry.

For just $6 and $8 for the audio.

And if you’re under three or a senior citizen then it doesn’t cost you anything… this really is the land of the free.

Free yes with freedom of expression which means freedom to expound nonsense.

Part of the American tapestry

Scots were here: The Clearances and Philadelphia

And that is what Macy Gray and the current cancel culture’s latest hobby horse of changing the American flag is all about.

If nothing else this dismisses the work Betsy and the women of the revolution did for the cause as I found out at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum on my recent East Coast travels in New England.

Betsy only persuaded George Washington and two pals Robert Morris and George Ross when they visited in 1776 that she could improve their sketch.

And she convinced Washington to change the shape of the stars from six-pointed to five-pointed by demonstrating that it was easier and speedier to cut the latter.

Ross made flags for the Pennsylvanian navy during the American Revolution.

After the Revolution, she made US flags for more than 50 years, including 50 garrison flags for the U.S. Arsenal on the Schuylkill River during 1811.

And that’s why we’re happy to be flagging up Betsy Ross and Philly.

And we’ll obviously be keeping you updated with all the new charms of Philly and all our Stateside friends.



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