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On the roof

If this old world starts getting you down, like Gerry Goffin, he of King and Goffin, get up on the roof.

Those of us who can have been doing just that for the cooler air during the heatwave.

And we’re not the only ones with our holiday chums also sending in their fave rooftops to get away from it all.

We’ve taken the liberty (well, this is our sounding board) to throw in a couple of our own rooftop tops.

Tesoro, a real treasure

A treasure: Tesoro on Florida’s Paradise Coast

Tesoro, Florida’s Paradise Coast: And Tesoro immediately jumped out at me on account of it being a pet name.

For the one who has come to be known as The Scary One.

It’s well named because Marriott’s Marco Island is a real treasure, an adult-only piscine speciality dining spot with views over the Gulf of Mexico.

Bora Bora aura aura

Out in the open: Bora Bora

Upa Upa Lounge Bar, Bora Bora: Bora Bora Upa Upa and away… and isn’t that what roofs are all about.

Now we’ve always been partial to those restaurant fish tanks where you can pick your meal.

Better still then if you have a glass floor where your fishy dishy is underneath your feet.

You know the types you’ll have seen under your toes in the Maldives… don’t worry they’re only small sharks!

Now we deffo want moreah moreah of the Bora Bora in French Polynesia and an old favourite hotel chain, Conrad.

Japan for goodness sake

Sake of auld lang syne: Japan

Bettei Otozure – Yamaguchi, Japan: And sake should be celebrated for its own sake… see what we’ve been done there.

Now you won’t associate the whisky island of Islay in the west of Scotland.

But that’s where our friends Stewart and Hisayo married in their kimonos and we broke the boxes of sake open.

Go one better and get out to the Land of the Rising Sun and enjoy a luxury ryokan overlooking the mountain village of Yumoto Onsen in Japan.

Miles better in Mile High City

Bandanaman and the Bandanettes In Denver

Denver Sheraton Hotel, Colorado: And when you’re a mile in the sky then the only thing to do is climb higher, pretty much the mantra of all Coloradans.

Now Denverites will be quick to tell you that because of the altitude then you only have to drink half as much to get twice as drunk.

You’ll discover that for yourself… but if you do overdo it then you’ll be able to swim off that fuzzy head atop the Denver Sheraton Hotel in their pool in the shadow of the Rockies.

And when you do head out to the Great Outdoors of the Rockies then treat yourself to a down day amid all that rock climbing, abseiling and white water rafting… go Mex on the Salt & Lime rooftop bar in Steamboat Springs.

Mountain high

La Folie Douce, Val D’Isere: And the greatest rooftops are the natural ones, the mountains. 

And when you’ve been kept off them through these Covid-hit years then the reopening party is the one to be at.

Ski over to the La Folie Douce (or cheat by taking the gondola).

And stomp your ski boots and sway to the cabaret.

Because on the roof is a paradise that’s trouble proof.





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