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Thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria

Well, I haven’t been hosed down since, well Crop Over in Barbados. Now hose for thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria.

Water therapy (thalasso the Greek for getting soaked).

On that occasion the saintly Donna was hosing off mine and her husband Jevan’s mud and paint from Foreday Morning.

A wakener if ever there was one after a through the morning carnival of rum and rumba.

Me-me and Dee-Dee at Crop Over in Barbados

Quite what my old friend Alice Melotte would have made of me in this state after seeing a better side of me in Biarritz.

At the Sofitel where wheatgrass and berry smoothies were more the order of the day.

And seaweed wraps (no, over your body) and all manner of water therapies including getting hosed down.

Water way 

It’s got layers: And water everywhere

Truth is though I’d never felt so healthy… a bit like my Highlander pal Finlay who didn’t recognise the feeling.

When he came out of hospital and for the first time in years didn’t have a hangover.

Now thalassotherapy makes you feel you’re flying… with water wings if you will.

And do you know who else gives you the feeling of being a high-flier… Ireland’s national airline carrier.

Aer Lingus’s holidays website is offering seven nights in the 4* Gloria Palace San Agustin Thalasso & Hotel in San Agustin from €579pp B&B for travel in October.

Thalasso will do for us

An oasis: In Gran Canaria

The Thalasso centre  is considered one of the best on the island or any Canary Island.

With a range of treatments and facilities such as sea water circuit, fitness pool and more.

With the hotel featuring two adult pools and one kids splash park and a third pool (ages 16+) on the top floor.

And for those exhibitionists among you there’s a separate nudist area (sun loungers at nominal charge).

Thalasso rooms include one daily session at the Thalasso circuit in the ‘Get in Shape’ pool.

Jump right in: Pools for everyone

Although the Thalasso rooms are not bookable if you’re travelling with children under 15.

San Agustin is approximately 2 km from Playa del Ingles and a free shuttle bus operates to there and Maspalomas six times daily.

So hose for thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria? I know I am.


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