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Finns changing with digi passports

My old Travel buddie Mark and his travails in Las Vegas are the perfect argument for Finns changing with digi passports.

Mark had taken the same Maverick helicopter I would years later over the Grand Canyon.

But when he got back on terra firma he realised he’d lost his passport.

A late night of frantic calls home for birth certificates and PDFs.

And rushes to the Consulate and Mark had a temporary passport.

It helped too that a booth had been set up for just such a problem.

With a mini-army of Irish in town to watch UFC champ Conor McGregor.

Chopper to it

Rotor head: Maverick

Of course as is the way of things just before he was about to board his flight Maverick called.

They’d only found his passport down the back of one of the seats on the helicopter.

All of which brings us, in true Ronnie Corbett style, to today’s subject…

Finns changing with digi passports.

The Finns have agreed to be guinea pigs for the European Union by testing digi travel documents in cross-border travel.

Randomly the initial plan is to test digital travel documents between Finland and Croatia.

Border patrol

Passport is in the past: Old school

But the idea has merit because by using digital travel documents border checks and the travel process, in general, will run smoother and faster.

Passengers will be able to send the information on their app in their travel documents electronically to the border authorities before their trip.

The rider

Rip it up: Old passports

Ah, but here’s the rider which we only saw halfway down… they will still have to keep their physical passport with them during the pilot project.

And a photo of the passenger would be taken during the border control.

All of which makes us think that they’ve got halfway there but hauled back on it and made a dreaded hybrid.

And we’re reminded of the observation that a camel is a horse created by committee.

And are urging here to go full hog and transition from paper passports to digi ones.

Of course, it’s not foolproof and would have to be secure.

But with fingerprint recognition and eyeball too then surely that would protect our identity.

Although, of course, a mobile can be left and lost too as Zac Holyfield, my knight in shining armour in my trip through Mississippi will testify.




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