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Mauritius Treasure Ombre Ombre

It’s what every family needs now to get through the winter, a cache of hidden goodies and here’s where to find it…Mauritius Treasure Ombre Ombre.

Probably not the clarion call used by the pirate La Buse whose horde you will be hunting, but go with us here.

To the Bon Ombre region in the south-west of Mauritius.

La Buse would know his way around the Bel Ombre region he once plundered.

And this Bandanaman who could be a member of his pirate crew.

Pirate games

Ahoy there: La Buse

La Buse (Buzzard) was thus named for his speed of thought.

The story goes that he hid one of the biggest treasures in pirate history 300 years ago, estimated at over £1 billion.

And left behind a cryptogram behind with clues to its whereabouts.

Ombre offer families the chance to unearth the treasure.

The adventure starts with a riddle left with his jailer: “My treasure goes to whoever can find it” and follows with some clues.

Hat’s the boy: Bandanaman

Participants follow in his footsteps and roam the four corners of the Bel Ombre region, by car and on foot, in search of his colossal fortune.

Players will have to be observant and inventive to be the first to find the sacred treasure.

And it is reasonably priced at Rs 2250 for adult and child.

A hole lot of fun

Water marvel: Mauritius


Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is a staple of the adventurous Irish traveller and fave American cousins.

And the Mauritians are the kind of family-friendly people who will make your clan feel right at home.

Now we’re always tempted to get sporty wherever we go, following the maxim, go where the locals play and pray.

In nearby islands, the Maldives that means football and cricket with the Sri Lankan staff.

While in Mauritius it’s golf but with a twist… Kazino Golf where there are prizes on every one of the nine holes of the course.

Food for thought: The restaurant

And where the holes are bigger so even duffers like me can sink some putts.

It’s worth taking this fun seriously, of course, as the prices include complimentary nights at Heritage Resorts’ hotels.

While there’s also lunch at Le Chateau de Bel Ombre, a cocktail at C Beach Club and complimentary green fees up for grabs.

Priced at adults Rs 2500, children Rs 1250

Meet the locals

Snap the pigeon: The Pink Pigeon

You want to get out and meet more of the locals… then they are aplenty.

The wild deer, pigs, monkeys, fruit bats and birds such as the rare echo parakeet and pink pigeon.

There is an opportunity too to swim in a tropical river basin.

And enjoy traditional Mauritian games and listen to the guide’s stories around a campfires.

And savour a picnic of typical Mauritian dishes. Price : Adult – Rs3200 Children (5-12 yrs.) – Rs 2000.

OK, so to stay, it’s all going to cost you about the price of heating your house for a weekend this winter.

It’s a deal

Hole lot of fun: Mauritius

Stay at Heritage Le Telfair: Prices start from £347.00 per night in a deluxe seaview suite including breakfast.

Based on two adults and two children under 12 sharing the suite in January 2023.

All of which you’ll be able to pay out from your scavenge with Mauritius Treasure Ombre Ombre.


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