West Side Story Pensioners

They can’t half kick their heels up these West Side Story Pensioners and yes, the New York gangs musical turns 65 today.

Of course the original cast has passed the baton on many a time to a new group of high kickers.

With each reaching higher and twirling further (you do worry for them) with Steven Spielberg’s jiggers applauded for their prowess in last year’s movie.

We all know Tony as a white-New Yorker, whatever that, is and Maria as a Puerto Rican.

A story as old as time

Dance away:West Side Story

But they had started out as Jewish and Irish and even Los Angelinos during talks in the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

While it was also mooted as East Side Story.

Of course, the original star-cross’d lovers hailed from Verona where handily there was a Juliet balcony to greet Romeo.

And where millions of sappy romantics have converged over the years to pay homage.

Playing to the balcony: Romeo et Juliet

Of course as Veronans, Romeo and Juliet would have had plenty of lovey-dovey day trips around, in Venice and Padova.

And the West Siders of New York too with horse-drawn carriage rides through Central Park.

Or a night at a musical on Broadway just as the Jets and Sharks did for an intrigued audience back in 1957.

Some of whom maybe had heard on the grapevine that this was a toe-tapper from its earlier runs in Washington DC and Philadelphia.

Broadway on the road

Green with envy: Wicked

And that’s the way the best shows arrive on Broadway.

While if you’re lucky too you can enjoy Broadway on the road around the States or in London’s West End.

And the best New Yoikers travel with Carole King’s Beautiful as powerful in Denver as in London.

And Disney on Broadway as, well Wicked, in the Bord Gais Theatre in Dublin as it is Manhattan.

Yes, musicals will come and go on New York’s most famous musicals street.

But West Side Story Pensioners will be kicking up a storm long after the others have finished their runs.



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