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Donegal and Derry Heir

Tourism Ireland’s £580,000 promotion of the jewels of north-west Ireland is only to be welcomed by this Donegal and Derry Heir.

TI’s campaign is to get the message across to more people about the Republic’s most northerly county and its neighbour.

Of course Donegal is a county Derryites know so well.

And its dramatic beaches, bars, cliffs and craic bring an annual exodus from across the border.

Particularly around the Northern Marching Season.

While Derry was historically the big wee town for Donegalites when they were one island which politically many people still believe they are.

Sons and daughters of Ulster

Cheers: With Teasy at the Doon Well

So TI’s message isn’t for Donegalites and Derryites (the appelations sound better in Gaelic).

I know only too well the charms of these Special Ds as a Donegal and Derry Heir of a proud Ulster family.

The McNultys wear their Ulsterhood proudly, it’s there in the crest with the name meaning ‘Son of Ulster’.

Of course they are nothing without the Daughters of Ulster, of which my Dear Old Mum Teasy is one special member.

A family heritage

No Butts: The Isaac Butt Heritage Centre

You can see her for yourself at the Isaac Butt Heritage Centre in Cloghan, named for the Irish patriot.

But the old school for my mum and her siblings, five more sisters and four brothers.

They had returned to the neighbouring townland (hamlet) of Brockagh from Derry.

Chez McNulty: Ramblers

Where the first son and three sisters were all born.

To run the McNultys hotel, now the Ramblers, where photographs also adorn the walls by the open peat fire.

Donegal invades Britain

Keep your eyes peeled: For the TI ads

TI’s nine-week campaign will reach at least 6.8 million people.

It includes eye-catching digital ads in London’s Waterloo station, as well as at busy roadside locations in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

With the slogan ‘two unique places, one amazing holiday’.

All of which you can check out on their website Tourism Ireland’s,

Where you can see great itineraries and short break suggestions for holidaymakers travelling with or without a car.

And good value offers from local tourism operators and from British tour operators.

Fly North

Flyin’ Air: With Ryanair

Activity will highlight attractive fares on direct flights to City of Derry Airport from Manchester (with Ryanair).

And from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Liverpool (with Loganair).

Promotions with easyJet will highlight flights from 13 airports in Great Britain to Belfast.

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