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Let us eat cake chez Antoinette

She’d make Liz Truss look like Robin Hood, so here’s a thing… let us eat cake chez Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette is remembered, of course, as one of the most unfiltered leaders anywhere across history.

For pronouncing that the poor should forget about bread queues and instead feast on macarons like the French court.

Only that she almost certainly didn’t say anything of the kind and was the victim of wicked propaganda on account of being German.

All of which you can find out for yourself by immersing yourself in all things Antoinette at Versailles.

And all courtesy of Airelles Château de Versailles Le Grand Hotel which has six brand-new guest experiences.

Slice of Marie Antoinette

Eat me: ‘Marie Antoinette’

We’ll of course let their concierges do the heavy work and take you through them all.

But we will give you just a slice with their Marie Antoinette Day.

Your day at her beloved Château de Versailles outside Paris will start when your butler prepares a shower or bath.

Before waking guests up gently with citrus milk, the Queen’s favourite drink, as part of a “Queen’s Wake Up” ritual.

You dormez vous, the bed is scented with Airelles’ signature perfume.

Breakfast overlooking The Orangerie, guests will head to the Domaine de Trianon where they can enjoy MA’s beloved English Gardens.

Ease your muscles with some deep relaxation at the Valmont Spa at La Grand Controlle.

Merci Macaron

A French macaron: And another one after that

Before enjoying a macaron-filled Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea with MA’s favourite drink – hot chocolate with orange blossom.

Before or after afternoon tea, guests can enjoy the highlight of the day with a dress-up experience.

Channel your inner MA trying on period costumes with a hair and make-up artist.

It’s all an experience that definitely passes the sniff teat.

And that’s exactly what the Marie Antoinette-inspired fragrance workshop does.

The sniff test

Bow for a belle: Dress up like Marie Antoinette

Make perfume infused with roses from the Versailles gardens.

During this memorable session, uncover the secrets of Marie-Antoinette’s favourite perfume and recreate some of the unique creams and lotions used at Court.

So there we are… let’s forget the cost-of-living cake and let us eat cake Chez Antoinette. Price from €2,000.

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