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Dipping in with a mini-cruise

If you’re weighing up whether to sail the seven seas it then it’s worth starting by dipping in with a mini-cruise.

And I can vouch that should you wake up in Barcelona and pull back the curtain.

And see the statue of Christopher Columbus pointing towards America you’ll be hooked.

Our old friends at Irish holiday digital dream makers Click&Go agree.

And they have put Barcelona at the heart of their mini-cruise offers this winter.

The Catalan capital too is close to my heart as the beginning and latest cruise experience.

And while that cruise company which took us from Nice to Barcelona to Majorca has since docked for good.

Cruising around the world

On Celebrity Cruises’ Edge

I’ve stretched my sea legs on the Channel, the Norwegian fjords, and between Florida and the Bahamas.

With many a dock visit in Dublin too when passengers go off on a day excursion

And travel professionals file on to be wined, dined and entertained.

Sometimes too you are invited out to the great cruise capitals such as Barcelona to do a bit of paddle boarding with a surfing professional…

It’s a hard life!

Perfect partnership

Barcelonaaaaa: In dock in Barcelona

Like ourselves, Click&Go believe we all deserve a bit of R&R on the sea…

And like us too they know that MSC will look after your every need.

Their two-night cruise prices are from just €399 including flights with the four and five-night cruise prices starting at just €599 including flights.

And as with all cruise holidays all your meals and snacks are included.

As is your on-board entertainment and with MSC your gratuities are included too.

The Click&Go and MSC offer will see you travelling out on March 25 for two nights.

And take in Barcelona and Columbus’s home city of Genoa.

Thataway: Columbus in Barcelona

So you really feel like a navigator.

And the four-nighter will see you depart Genoa for La Spezia (Pisa/Florence) and then on to Rome and finish off in Majorca.

Of course with all things cruising more is so much more.

And if you want to stretch that to five then travel out on April 15 for five nights.

Dock in Genoa and cruise to your heart’s delight with stops off in Rome, Sicily, Ibiza and Valencia.

Reward yourself

In the frame: On MSC in the Fjords

So why not reward yourself with that trip you’ve always been promising yourself.

And you don’t have to break the bank, just get dipping in with a mini-cruise.




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