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Devilish fun in Majorca

You don’t have to be on a lads’ week away (although it helps) to have devilish fun in Majorca.

Just bring along daring kids (the ones not umbilically attached to their phones).

Instead those who see it as a rite of passage to take on the hardest ride in the splash park.

Which in Majorca’s case is the Cola del Diablo.

In the Western Water Park, Magaluf.

Making a splash

Only way is up: Climbing fun

Yes, you’ll see the salmon-coloured Brits bulging out of their boardies coming down the chute.

But if you just ensure you’re a couple of places back in the queue.

To ensure you don’t get the splash back and an eyeful of their builder’s bum.

Then you’ll get that Dad/lad Balearic holiday experience and the bragging rights at that night’s dinner.

A word on eating out too in your Majorca (or anywhere in these parts) holiday.

Try to avoid those restaurants where there are pictures of what you’re about to eat on boards outside.

They rarely are what they’re billed as.

And if you’ve got an ambitious lad who wants to try the Spanish specialty maybe disavow him of the notion.

All of this, of course, when you put yourselves in the hands of those with local knowledge.

A holiday for TUI

Toe in the water: Holiday Village Majorca

And for us our go-to people are TUI.

Holiday Village Majorca, especially, is a hit with the whole family.

Facilities include a spa trip and a trio of à la cartes, as well as a splash park, a football pitch and an Aerial Adventure course.

And best of all you’ll get spending money out of €1,000.

So that’s €849pps, €2,499 (2+1) or €3,479 (2+2) for seven nights on an all-inclusive basis.

With flights departing 16 May.


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