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Portrait of the art cruise

Stop-offs mean different things to different folk but we search out museums and paintings when we step off the big liner… and Royal Caribbean International know their passengers which is what’s behind their portrait of the art cruise.

Now we all know where to go when we’re in Amsterdam to seek out Vincent Van Gog.

And it is only truly by seeing the thick encrustations on his paintings that you get a true feel for the Dutch genius.

But, of course, Van Gogh painted many of his most famous works in France.

Including The Yellow House and The Starry Night, and particularly in Provence.

Which is why Royal Caribbean are pointing us there with their seven-night Western Med Cruise from €814.

Symphony of the Seas sets out from Barcelona on Sunday, October 15.

And visits Provence (Marseille), Palma in Mallorca, Florence/Pisa (La Spezia), Rome (Civitavecchia) and Naples/Capri.

Pick of Picasso

Shape of things to come: Picasso

Now we all associate Barcelona more with Antoni Gaudi but the Catalan capital has long been a magnet for artists.

And Pablo Picasso left his mark too on the great port.

The Museu Picasso is where you want to go with 4,251 of his works.

Including Man in a Beret and Woman with Bonnet which is Pab’s hands is far more imaginative than its description.

Why not do like us and just sail into Barcelona and wake up to the sight of Christopher Columbus.

Pointing out to America (he’s not really pointing there but we won’t spoil it)?

Royal Caribbean suggests a six-night Med Highlights cruise.

Rhapsody of the Seas sets out from Haifa in Israel and takes in everyone’s pick, Santorini, Greece and Palma on Monday, November 6 from €504.

Leo by the sea-oh

The Beard of Citavecchia: Da Vinci

Citavecchia has long been on the cruise route in the Med.

Although understandably most passengers are interested in getting 82kms down the coast to the Eternal City.

Now as the old expression goes Rome wasn’t painted in a day and you’ll never run out of art there.

But did you know Leonardo Da Vinci mapped out the groundworks in Citavecchia?

Royal Caribbean prompts us towards the six-night Italy and Adriatic Cruise with Explorer of the Seas from €654 from Monday, May 8.

With stops in Naples/Capri and Dubrovnik, Split and Koper in Croatia before arriving in Venice (Ravenna).

Now cruise companies are never likely to drop you off somewhere you won’t be dazzled by the natural beauty and the architecture.]

But go into the museums and art galleries like we did in Bergen, Norway.

And you’ll likely bump into special art, like the JS Dahl and Edvard Munch exhibitions we found on our Call of the Fjords.

And delight in the Portrait of the art cruise.








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