Home comforts when away

We couldn’t have been alone in missing a flight because we’d gone back to the house, yes, we all have to take care of home comforts when away.

And so as we’re checking out our summer holiday brochures and deals online our friends at A-plan insurance bring some vital housekeeping rules to us.

So in this latest in our occasional series Holidos and Don’ts avoid among other obstacles worrying about whether you left the boiler on on your Ryanair flight out from Edinburgh to Co. Wicklow.

Home prep

Before the whirl: Dervish story in Istanbul

And the Scary One is a whirling dervish at the best of times but this is her before a holiday.

Clean 1 or 2 rooms a day: Eliminate stress by hoovering, disinfecting, and tidying up a room at a time so you don’t have to leave it all till the night before.

Unplug ALL unnecessary appliances: One way to rack up your energy bills while away is by leaving your devices plugged in or on standby.

Kitchen prep

Kitchen crazeee: Like me, let loose

Because she always finds there’s something you haven’t done, or for you to do.

Empty out your fridge: Throw out any food set to go off and freeze any food you may want to keep.

Utility prep

Boiling point: Set it up properly

Avoid unneeded spending on bills while you are away:

Switch off your water: Turn off your water system in your home to avoid any chance of flooding and leaking.

Check your boiler: Many new homes have a more energy-efficient holiday mode so you don’t have to turn your boiler off for a few weeks.

Overall maintenance

Try the next house: Burglars on the prowl

The biggest deterrent for burglars is ensuring your home is secure.

Mow your lawn: And nobody loves a garden more… I could sit and look at the Scary One all day. Burglars sniff out messy grass.

Turn off any outside lights: Any home with its outdoor light on all day can alert bad uns.

Avoid post build up – And don’t have any deliveries made to your home while you are away to be left outside.

Ensure all your alarms are set: Before leaving, lock all your doors and hide your valuables.

Vehicle prep

Drive me crazy: Look after your car

Apply a steering wheel lock: One of the easiest and cheapest ways to stop TWOCERS (taking without consent).

GPS Tracker: A tracker is a great way to know your vehicle’s whereabouts and can connect to a smartphone.

And that’ll help you ensure you have some home comforts when you’re away.



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