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Coladays and Don’ts on flights

We often just skip refreshments on flights because of the prices so it’s good to know when it comes to Coladays and Don’ts TUI puts U and I first.

Now maybe you reckon it’s your holiday so you deserve a ‘proper’ drink.

But what about the juniors… the cost of those sugar fixes soon build up.

Toast of the skies

U in the middle: TUI

Global luggage storage company Radical Storage did the sampling.

And they found the company that puts you in the middle has the cheapest coke in Europe at £1.63 and Pringles snack at £1.74.

Still, you want a beer so here’s our Aledays and Don’ts on flights.

Well, we have to dig deep with TUI the cheapest in Europe at £4.12.

And experience tells us they’re small cans.

Air for the beer

Flyin’ high: Ryanair

Now why our Asian friends should get better value we don’t learn.

But Air Asia is the cheapest airline in the world with a Coke £1.12, Pringles £1.49, and a beer £2.30.

Now you’ll see your own favourite airlines on the list and inevitably fall on the budget ones.

And while Jet2 wins on the soft drinks and snacks over its rivals Ryanair Michael O’Leary knows his customer.

And Ryanair’s beers are cheaper at £4.62 against Jet2’s £5.10.

While EasyJet weighs in at £5.70.

Food for thought

Tailwind: EasyJet

Now our friends at Radical Storage have done all the heavy lifting here.

And they have a section here for the most nutritious-friendly and vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and allergy-conscious fleets.

And we’ll leave you to find which box you tick.

The real thing: Cola on the plane

But I know you and you want the skinny on Coladays and Don’ts on flights.

And where to get the cheapest beers.

So drink up, we’re saving you money by telling you where the best value is in the skies.












































































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