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Her Maj-orca and Diana’s love island

Pedants and peasants aside, on the launch of the final series of The Crown, we’re looking at Her Maj-orca and Diana’s love island.

Yes, only the king or queen gets to be called Her, or His, Majesty.

And Diana was Her Royal Highness… or the queen of hearts.

But Elizabeth and Charles can wait because our focus now on the Netflix blockbuster is on Diana’s last summer in Majorca.

Because for all her riches and privilege Diana was just like us.

A party animal looking for romance on Love Island.

Balearic belle

Did he? Dodi

Diana’s love affair with the Balearic Island began when she and Prince Charles would visit King Juan Carlos’s and Queen Sofia’s Palma royal residence.

And if royal watchers are to be believed she even dallied with the Spanish king.

The last series of The Crown hones in on her final days.

Culminating in the summer yachting around the French Riviera and that ill-fated trip to Paris.

But the summer before Diana spent three days in the Hotel La Redencia in Deya.Waiting it was said for Dodi.

Now if you want a bit of Diana fairy dust rubbing off on you, and The Crown brings her back from the dead.

Then, you’re bound to be interested in an Airbnb that features on the show.

Hello yellow

Golden vision: The Yellow Castle

While originally reserved for royalty, The Yellow Castle now opens its doors to all.

This regal retreat offers guests the opportunity to experience the grandeur and elegance our royal overseers do. 

This yellow castle, nestled near Puerto d’Andratx in Spain, is accessible by both land and sea.

Lush gardens envelop a picturesque pool, a hot tub, and a terrace adorned with shaded living and dining areas.

Fine dining: At the Yellow Castle

For the adventurous at heart, an exclusive rock cave provides a unique retreat within the estate.

And the only photographic intrusion for you will be your partner, or kids, trying to get you in on their Insta pic.

So get into the Crown spirit and channel Her Maj-orca and Diana’s love island.






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