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Putting the bar back into Antigua & Barbuda

They’re putting the bar back into Antigua & Barbuda… in truth, it’s never been away, they’re just mapping it out better for us.

Because after you’ve checked out everything else these beautiful Caribbean islands have to offer then it’s rum time.

Now I’ve trod the walk of shame around the world from Malibu to the Maldives but I’m assured this Caribbean crawl will knock my socks off.

And our friends in Antigua & Barbuda know it… setting out a 32-bar crawl map.

Beach boys and girls

Map of rumdays: Antigua & Barbuda

If you’re daft enough to wear anything on your feet… it’s a flip-flop flipping 30+ under the palm trees, on the beaches.

Of which there are 365, one for every day of the year.

And who knows, you might bump into any one of a stellar cast of rich and famo, Amy Winehouse, Bono, Usher or Silvio Berlusconi.

With names such as Sneaky Pete’s, your starting point on the north of the island, through Jacqui O’s and Papa’s by the sea on the south…

I do love you… but I’m off to the bar

Smiling Harry’s in the east and Mama’s Pasta in the north.

And then onto the likes of Uncle Roddy’s on Barbuda.

Irie, as they say here.

A short crawl

Limbo dancing: And Jimbo dancing

And so how far will we be crawling?

Well, 14 miles long and 11 miles wide which is one for every day of your fortnight’s holiday.

So the only question to ask is when can we start?

Caribtours de force

Smiles better: The friendly staff

Our friends at Caribtours, naturally, are all over it.

And as The Scary One is of the English variety we’re flagging up Caribtours’ The Inn at English Harbour, No. 20 on the list.

The five-star Inn blends the perfect balance of Colonial style buildings with luxurious and contemporary comfort.

And it’s yours for seven nights from £2,125pp with flights from major cities in the UK and USA.

And with your 30 British pennies getting one Eastern Caribbean dollar you’ll have plenty of cash for your rum tour.

Now you can add that to the list of people…Putting the bar back into Antigua.

As we continue our Caribbean odyssey through Barbados and Tobago and onwards…