Turtles’ backs are protected but ours are not

And because turtles‘ backs are protected but ours are not…

Then we are at the mercy of the sun.

And the damage it can do to us when we’re out swimming after them.

Swimwear: And a shell

And when we get out of the sea and back onto our Cool Runnings catamaran off Barbados.

It’s something non-locals all know to their cost.

I’ll scratch my back

Sore point: So do it yourself

Now if you’re travelling by yourself.

Or are too shy to ask the other members of your party to apply it, then you’re on your own.

And when the rum is available at the free bar, the food is good and the company even better, then you can forget yourself.

Of course the easy answer and the one that will be dished out to you when you get home is DON’T!

And your loved ones are right.

It would help, of course, if we had swivel heads.

Like Clunk from Wacky Races and Stop The Pigeon.


Give it stick: The spatula

But we have the next best thing…

The back lotion applicator which is the subject of our latest Holidos and Dont’s offering today.

Now, isn’t it always the case that we only find out about these lifesavers when we get home.

Like my old boss Donald who told me this, on my return from a Moroccan trip half the man I was before I left.

I should have taken Imodium with me.

And so with my back tingling, sore to the touch, and redder than a ripe tomato I fell upon the back lotion applicator online.

Now I’ll check out my pharmacies on my daily constitutional.

In the hope of unearthing a self-back applier.

And I am even ready to go further afield than North Berwick and into the Big Smoke. of Edinburgh if required.

And wriggle in my train seat (and that’s not just at the cost of the return ticket) if I can find what I want in town.

Feeling drowsy?

Unmasked: Covid and tanlines

I got back from Barbados, and its Celtic Festival negotiated a long-haul overnight flight in a tight seat and a domestic connection.

Of course it didn’t help either that I was right back into work, in my seat in front of my terminal.

I have since discovered that drowsiness is a side-effect of sunburn/sunstroke.

Now here was me thinking it was lack of sleep from my travels…

And the lack of excitement in the stories I was editing.

Super spatula

Food for thought: Cool Runnings

Now until I do get the magic applicator then I’ll make do with what is around the house.

And having already got a lashing for putting a wet towel in the laundry basket I’ve gone scouring in the kitchen cupboards… a foreign land to me.

I only found a spatula (no, me neither).

I must have picked up at a travel event.. from the good people who represent Salt Lake City.

And all of this because turtles’ backs are protected but ours are not.