In other duck-related news..

What’s up, 🦆: Jimmy and Donald

It’s where the stars come out to shine… and there are few bigger stars in my eyes than The Donald.

While a group of Asian tourists gathered around Michael Jackson’s star on the Walk of Fame I sought out Disney’s greatest character.

You can do a walking tour of the stars that will take you an hour, and I did notice four stars with no names on them… waiting for Bandanaman, The Scary One, The Son And Heir and Daddy’s Little Girl obviously.

I’m wearing TK Maxx

Talking of walks, no walk in Hollywood is complete without a scaling of the Oscars staircase.

In the week that’s in it with me being named Irish Travel Editor of the Year it seemed only appropriate that I was here.

I would like to dedicate this to my best friend in primary school, my English teacher when I was 13, the lollipop lady, my running coach, my first editor…

For the full speech… well, you’ll just have to wait the two hours it will take to write it.

And to think that the first Oscars ceremony was all over in 20 minutes!

Of course, The Donald has the red carpet out for me at Disneyland. But first Universal!

And here’s what else has been happening (and a little duckie tale in here too).

With thanks to Attraction Tickets Direct http://www.attraction-tickets-direct.co.uk.

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My weekend with Marilyn


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