Hallowed be my name

My teachers always said I had my head in the clouds.

And here’s proof… at the top of Pic du Midi de Bigorre.

Ou est Pic du Midi?

Well, thankfully there’s one of those panorama boards to help. London is over there to the left, and Big Ben, and Dublin, of course, and the Spire while Paris is straight ahead with the Eiffel Tower. And Spain just over the Pyrénées to the side of us.

It’s south, south France.

My head’s beginning to hurt now… probably the vin rouge that helped wash down the poulet at Le 2877 restaurant, the highest in Europe (2877m).

I’d better have a lie down and a snowbathe…

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Happy Father’s Day. Give us this day because you can be sure…

Let him know we remember him

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