Your health is your wealth

Doesn’t it make you sick?

Being sick that is.

It’s happened to me three times on trips… well, a few times more but they were all self-inflicted.

They’ve all been different, so let’s look at them.


Spare a thought for the poor PR who was taking her maiden journey on the inaugural Swansea-Cork Ferries route.

Little did she know, or us to be fair, but that stretch of the Irish Sea is particularly choppy.

Like the Agatha Christie book And Then There Were None all of us fell one by one, having to leave the table for our cabins.

We got back on our feet and the trip around the Ring of Kerry in a fleet of Citroens was fun-filled until we returned for Wales.

Anchored off the shore for four hours because of storms I didn’t eat a blessed thing. I filed the story but never did hear from the PR again.


Despite our best efforts Abdullah would not stop for water, good Muslim that he is. It was Ramadan.

We’d suggested we put our trip to the Sahara off until the next day such were the storms battering the Atlas Mountains that day.

Abdullah kept us going with Eminem tapes of all things, and his windscreen wipers went ten to a dozen wiping the mud off the window as we clung onto the side of the mountain.

We stopped off for a tajine in a cliff side restaurant before heading off to our camels.

My night in the desert though was disrupted by a disruption in my tummy that night.

The upside though (not what came up by my side) was that I saw a light show in the sky, shooting stars and the sun coming up!

Shooting stars rather than sh… let’s keep it clean, now!

California hurls

I’d be hearing stories all the previous day about Jim Morrison’s excesses and how he bunked up near the studio because he’d be so wrecked from partying through the night.

I should have pushed the boat out the night before if I’d known I would be confined to barracks the next day.

But obviously something was wrong when I left my bottle of Bud in the gay club in West Hollywood and only picked at my food in the fancy diner.

I reckon it was something I drank in Venice Beach… Jim Morrison would be proud. Maybe not though that it was an ice cream float!

Prevention is the best cure but you can’t always avoid getting ill on holiday. Pack a pharmaceutical bag with Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Make sure you have plenty of water.

Stay insured.., I’ve always gone for InsureandGo http://www.insureandgo.com.

And if you’re going far afield visit Tropical Medical Bureau http://www.tmb.ie.

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