Walk in the park – Tenerife

It’s not a sight you want to see – a Fiftysomething bandana-wearing hairy Scotsman clambering over Tenerife rocks.

Gollum springs to mind!

But this was the challenge we took on on our CanariaWays.com www.Canariaways.com and www.aerlingus.com.

A word here on our guide Eva, a Tenerife native who knows these winding paths like the back of her hand.

Now living and working in Ireland I know all about ‘four seasons in a day’.

But Tenerife is on a different planet with 11 ecosystems.

Tenerife is truly a different world where you can be walking in the shadow of volcanoes (dormant) one minute.

And rainforests the next,

But one thing is a constant today… the baking sun.

And our guide Eva, who is as bright and vivacious as the sun.

Gang of four: Claire, Maria, Bandanaman and Eva

As are our CanariaWays colleagues Maria and Claire.

Eva, or La Masochists, as I tag her delights in the nickname.

5ft 4ins in her trainers she skips up those cliffs and makes whip-crackin’ sounds to keep me keeping up.

Quite what this cat thought? Well, he know the best thing to do when it hits 30C.

I’m not going far today

And when it’s all over and we reach the oasis of a bar after 10kms of trekking she hasn’t shed a bead of sweat.

And while my warm-down is trying (unsuccessfully) to touch my toes Eva is doing an aerobics and salsa dance routine front of us.

Before dancing off into the sun.

You’re Eva in our thoughts.

This is my last day in Tenerife (although) I will be back.

To walk more if this unique island.

And here are two more walks I’ve taken and would love to share A pilgrim’s prayer and Small roads lead to Rome.

And a recap on some other thoughts on Tenerife Tenerife and Scotland wave the same flag and Vegging out in Tenerife.

Also visit http://www.webntenerife.com and www.webtenerife.co.uk/tenerifenolimits.

Aer Lingus http://www.aerlingus.com has seven flights a week from Dublin to Tenerife and up to two flights a week from Cork during the winter schedule.

Fares from €69.99.

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