Vegging out in Tenerife

There are some strange bedfellows, that’s for sure, some foods that should never be seen on the same plate.

I mean courgettes and pretty much anything, or really anything that allows courgettes air time.

You can also mention brocolli, aubergines, leaks, lentils and most pulses in the same breath.

I’ve had a skinful

So the good folk of Tenerife should think again about banana and courgette croquettes.

Particularly as your spotted bananas do fine just as they are.

In fact Tenerife is Europe’s biggest exporter of nanas and the spottier the skins the tastier.

But back to broccoli… and inevitably George Herbert Walker Bush.

When Bush Snr became President of America he was asked now that he was the Leader of the Free World what would he ban.

I’m crook

To which he replied: ‘Brocolli, ny mom used to force us to eat it when we were kids.’

The broccoli growers were soon up in arms and marching on Washington.

George, you’d have had my vote.

And CanariaWays www.canariaways.com, a branch of CaminoWays www.caminoways.com who have been hosting me these past few days.

With Aer Lingus www.aerlingus.com which flies seven times a week from Dublin to Tenerife and twice a week from Cork

Cats and Canaries

I’ve been reminding you about my adventures on Caminos A pilgrim’s prayer and FrancigenaWays’ and my walk into Rome Small roads lead to Rome.

And brining you curios of Tenerife life Tenerife and Scotland wave the same flag.

Caught in a time warp

I’ve been up mountains, through rain forests via black lava ash beaches.

And lived to tell the tale, and all with the help of my wonderful guide Eva.

All to meet the owner of a bar who is caught in a time warp with calendars and posters all around his bar of General Franco.

But the beer was €1!

I’ll share the tale… not the beer.

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