Cruising all over the world

Whatever and wherever I go I will still be playing catch up with The Scary One who sailed around the world as a child.

Her father was working in Australia and while they flew out there from England they returned by working ship.

In the eight weeks they were on board they crossed the Equator where they had a Nepture party and went through the Panama Canal.

She also has a Polynesian shell necklace as a keepsake.

G’day: Sydney

But she did have to go to school while she was there – I guess it was the best geography lesson you will ever have.

All of which came to mind when the longest ever continuous world cruise set sail, with Viking, from London this week and passed through Dublin.

Alas, I was climbing a volcano at the time so did not get the chance to get on board for a ship visit.

Just as well really as they wouldn’t have got me off.

Hong Kong garden

Viking’s Ultimate World Cruise takes you on a 245-day saunter around the globe to return on May 2.

By then it will have visited six continents, 59 countries and 113 of the world’s greatest cities and ports.

With overnight stays in 22 destinations.

And there are the natural wonders.

So that’ll be the Great Barrier Reef to the Amazon rainforest, from the Pyramids to the Norwegian Fjords.

And I can vouch that traversing the fjords is filled with mystery and awe https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/the-call-of-the-fjords/

Viking is also flagging up Machu Picchu and the ancient marvel of Angkor Wat.

Now that our cruise myself and the Scary One saw us meet a Viking or two on board and you’ll get a feel of Scandinavia on board here.

Malteser pleaser

Being on board for 245 days you’ll want to know that there is enough to do.

As if…

Relax on board

There are two swimming pools, a fitness centre, two cinemas, a theatre and LivNordic spa.

Where if you’re up for it, you can take the Nordic bathing ritual and snow grotto.

And there are EIGHT different options.

But like The Scary One back in the day you’ll have to work… with Viking Resident Historians and guest lecturers shedding light on each destination.

Of course there will be downtime! And there will be musical performances covering different genres, time periods and regions.

Shanghai surprise

The package includes return flights, complimentary shore excursion in each port, evening entertainment, all onboard meals and gratuities and free Wi-Fi.

Ultimate World Cruise guests also receive a Business Class airfare. http://Ultimate World Cruise .

Transfers to and from the ship, three complimentary visa services, free luggage shipping services for embarkation.

And Vikings Silver Spirits beverage package covering virtually all drinks on board.

Stairway to heaven

So how much?

The lead-in price starts at £66,990p with remaining cabins from £82,990pp.

Guests also have the choice to sail lone of two shorter segments of the cruise.

Between the 127-day Viking World Treasures departing from London to Los Angeles on 31 August Viking World Treasures. Between the 127-day Viking World Treasures departing from London to Los Angeles on 31 August .

With remaining cabins from £41,390pp on the 119-day Viking World Wonders Viking World Wonders itinerary diapering from LA to London on 4 January.

OK, but we’ve missed the tour and are dying to get on the next one!

Pooling your talents

Viking also has a new 161-day 2020-2021 Viking World Cruise 2020-2021 Viking World Cruise departing from Miami to London on December 2020. with a lead-in price of £45,995pp.

Visit http://www.vikingcruises.co.uk or call (0800) 298 97 00.

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