Jocktails – Tenerife coffee liqueurs

The waitress in Barcelona was having a bad day. The 35C heat probably didn’t help.

But I did bring a smile to her face when I asked for a hot chocolate.

It’s my go-to drink on holiday. And it’s not as mad as it sounds.

It helps you cool down more by raising your body temperature.

Don’t ask me, I’m no scientist. I just like the taste.

They were out of hot chocolate though on my last day in Tenerife but my new Gran Canarian bud Mathew had a handy substitute.

May I introduce you to the Barraquito?

Now, it’s one of those fancy layered efforts which looks too good to mix.

Right, you’ll need coffee, a Spanish orange liqueur ’43’ and condensed milk.

Pour the condensed milk into a short glass, layer the 43, coffee and lemon peel on top.

Sprinkle cinnamon on top and admire.


Yes, tasty and strong. But no, I was referring to the statues in the restaurant.

I’ve never seen so many holy figurines outside of my Great Auntie Josie’s front parlour.

Needless to say the Scary One will be the first recipient, or guinea pig, for my new Jocktail

If you’re over in Tenerife (and you should be) the barraquito is often called a zaperoco in the north of the island.

Now you want to get there… so that’s Aer Lingus www.aerlingus.com, seven flights from Dublin, two flights from Cork during their winter schedule.

From €66.99 one-way.

For more info on Tenerife, visit www.webtenerife.com, www.webtenerife.co.uk/tenerifenolimits.

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