Holiday Snaps – Florida for family fun

There’s nothing quite like a kid squealing ‘again, again’ as you turn a whiter shader of pale after coming off a rollercoaster.

And how is that they can hover up the Big Florida Breakfasts too and still not have it rumbly in their tumblies on the rides?

I was that soldier on the Orlando rides on more than one occasion but those excitable urchins pulled me through.

Florida is the ideal family fun destination and great for the winter, but our friends in the rollercoaster state are already planning for 2020.

Ice one: The Ice Breaker

Orlando has a real icebreaker for you with a ride called just that Ice Breaker in the spring.

Ice Breaker will feature four launches, backwards and forwards, culminating in a reverse launch into the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida — a 93ft tall spike with 100-degree angle.

Located near the Wild Arctic Attraction, the ride’s theme is a nod to Ice Breaker’s conservation partner, Alaska SeaLife Center.

It matches closely to SeaWorld Orlando’s mission.

Ice Breaker will add to a ride portfolio which includes the thrills of Mako, Manta and Kraken. And the water rapids of Infinity Falls and the flume fun of Journey to Atlantis.

While over at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay they’re getting ready for North America’s tallest, fastest and steepest hybrid coaster in the world.

Iron Gwazi will be 206ft tall with a 91-degree drop with top speeds of 76mph.

It includes three inversions and 12 airtime hills along more than 4,075ft of purple steel track.

With a 48” height requirement, Iron Gwazi will be an exciting thrill attraction that families can take on together.

Gwazi, you ask? Well, the crocodile is the largest living reptile and the animal inspiration for Iron Gwazi.

The ups and downs

Find out more information on www.seaworldparks.co.uk. All major airlines fly to Orlando. Check out http://www.aerlingus.com

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