Moanday Morning – Ubers

We’ve embraced many a German word into the English language… doppelgänger, kaput, kindergarten, wunderkind UND rucksack.

And my own favourite schadenfreude which was used perfectly in a meme after Germany had beaten hosts Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup…

‘If only the Germans had a word for schadenfreude’.

On the road to nowhere

And, of course uber which is a Millennials’ way of saying super.

Of course the Germans can’t be blamed for those cheap frustrating car rides that go by the name Uber. But just saying.

I suppose my main gripe about Ubers is that I’ve been tested to insanity by them in America.

My first brush with them was in Washington DC at the American Travel fare IPW www.ipw.com.

The quick option?

My colleague having booked the Uber on his phone we all piled into the back of his car.

To go to our party.

An hour and a half later we arrived at our destination which should have been a 20-minute ride.

But not before driving into one of the less salubrious neighbourhoods of America’s capital city.

Where a couple of cop cars had pulled up at a block to deal with a domestic incident.

This was, as our driver who had arrived in the country just that month told us, our destination according to his GPS.

Now I know the hospitality that our friends in the American Travel Industry put into their fare.

And unless they’d had a The Wire parody party planned then our driver was hopelessly lost.

Not that he was ever going to admit it. The cops were already there, we’d have to pay our fare.

And this being America we had to tip him for his troubles.

Still, all of my journeys to their fare opened up the States to me while www.visitusa.ie will do so even more.

And here are some thoughts on these venue cities Easy DC and Go West.

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