Prehistoric Powerscourt

An oul’ dinosaur in Powerscourt… no, not me, but terra dactyls and Tyrannosaurus Rexes.

I’m in Powerscourt Estate in Enniskerry in my own adopted county of Wicklow where it has been hosting our prehistoric predecessors.

The movie men and women have been here to shoot a secret Jurassic World short film.

Hollywood director Colin Trevorrow told Collider that Powerscourt’s grove of redwood trees look exactly like those in Northern California.

Take cover: Andre Holland and Natalie Martinez. Picture: Universal

Powerscourt has long been a favourite for movie-makers since Laurence Olivier turfed up here to film Henry IV there in 1944.

And now it can boast a Jurassic World eight-minute short film, the first Jurassic movie to have been shot in Ireland.

Battle at Big Rock has been shot by the director and co-writer of Jurassic World and its sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Do you know the way to the swimming pool? Picture: Christian De Grandmaison

And so… a teaser

Now this is how the plot goes…

A family takes the oul’ caravan out for a camping trip.

Camping, of course, can have its drawbacks…

Like the weather or someone forgets the groceries, or there’s no wi-fi, and maybe a large herbivore trundles past.

So who’s in it?

Only Selma and Moonlight actor Andre Holland and End of Watch’s Natalie Martinez.

Tree’s company. Picture: Powerscourt Estate.

My old friend Sarah Slazenger has had many unexpected requests at Powerscourt in her time.

But she is always equal to any of them, even including this old dinosaur.

Battle at Big Rock is available to watch online through YouTube.

And it has already garnered 3.8million views worldwide.

You want to know more about Powerscourt.

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What a waterfall: Powerscourt Waterfall

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And that picture above:

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