Flyoween with Ryanair

Our friends at our ubiquitous low-fares airline Ryanair love nothing better than an eye-catching pun.

Well, maybe getting us to offload our spare change on their offers…

And then getting our wallets out for the surcharges!

Of course at seasonal holidays they go into overdrive.

This year though they’ve just sent us a picture of a model in a black dress in a blue wig and a pointy hat.

Holding balloons with a backdrop of a bad moon rising and cobwebs.

Still, the best part is the deals that they’re offering…

25% off 20,000 seats for travel from January to March with a deadline of midnight tonight.

They www.ryanair.com flag up Eindhoven, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, London Southend, London Stanstead, one-way €9.99.

And randomly Luxembourg which I’ve still to visit which I’m told you can zip around in a day.

My own wee country, Scotland, can also be wrapped up in a few days though obvs you’re better staying a lifetime…

You know me, I like to find you all sorts of ways to enjoy Jockoland.

Cruiseday Tuesday – Scotland is Arctic gives you the chance to see the Highlands and Edinburgh on the way to the Arctic.

You might also hear about my favourite city Here’s Aberdeen. A light in the north.

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