Hungry and Thursday – Sri Lankan curry

No, you’re not seeing things… that really is your Travel blogger (I get everybody, anybody else to cook for me) in an apron.

This week’s hosts on the oul’ Travel circuit, G Adventures, set us all a challenge… make our own lentil curry at home.

So they sent us of with this bag of lentils and spices and a recipe….

Something’s cookie’ in the kitchen

The enjoyment of which lasts longer than a selfie stick or battery pack which will give in on you by the time you get home.

This bag of goodies and the recipe enclosed is for a Sri Lankan Dhal Curry.

Community tourism

And it’s based on a spice mix developed by Sthree Cafe, a Planaterra project located in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

This collaboration with the communities they send us on holiday too is what G Adventures is all about.

Helping to give them a foot up… and I found this when I went to Jordan with them https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/petra-jordan-jesus-and-the-sands-of-time/.

Does mine look like this?

Now I know a thing or two about Sri Lankans too… unfortunately I haven’t been yet but I joined the staff on the Maldives to play cricket and football.

And became a bit of a hit, even if I did run out their opener. And they politely asked my group as they served them through the day if Mr Jim would be back.

This is a brief reminder of that Maldives adventure…. https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/08/12/atoll-tale-the-maldives/

Stir it up

Now G Adventures are flagging up 12 destinations for 2020, among them Ireland.

They are particularly taken by our Leap Year tradition of reversing the traditional engagement proposal to women asking for a hand in marriage?

And are right on board with Galway as a European Capital of Culture for 2020.

G Adventures has a new National Geographic Journeys Iconic Ireland trip for those wanting to join the craic. Priced from €2,449pp for a nine-day trip from Dublin return. 

Now I’m looking through their list and I’m noticing that there’s only two destinations I’ve been to… Ireland, obvs, and South Africa… https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/home/whats-new-pussycat/

Let’s hear it for Sri Lanka

The last word though I’ll give to Sri Lanka…

Particularly after the troubles they had with terrorism and how this welcoming people have got back on their feet since.

To help support this return, the government is offering a free visa for travellers from 48 countries, including the UK and Ireland.

A 14-day Sri Lanka Encompassed trip is priced from €1,639pp travelling from Colombo to Mirissa. 

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