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My Italian stage

What did you do during the Coronavirus War of 2020, Daddy? Well, I returned to my career as an Italian heartthrob actor obviously.

While Thomas Trabacchi kept house, home and sanity together in North Berwick, south of Edinburgh.

And Thomas rockin’ the Bandana look in North Berwick

My thanks to one of my oldest friends and Italian-Scot per excellenza Cello for flagging up Thomas (er, me).

My biggest fan: Miriam Leone

And his hit television series Thou Shalt Not Kill – Non Uccidere opposite former Miss Italy Miriam Leone who plays Detective Valeria Furio.

My leading lady

Non Uccidere is set in Turin in Piedmont which is often overshadowed by its big neighbour Milan.

Shine a light on Turin

But Turin has its delights too…

Yes there are the grand squares Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo .

While the biggest attraction (away from the ‘Grand Old Lady’, the football aristocrats Juventus) is the Shroud of Turin.

Shrouded in history

Which is kept in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist.

Built during 1491-1498 and designed by Guarino Guarini the Chapel of the Holy Shroud was added in 1668-1694.

Another beardie legend

If it’s John the Baptist history and curios you want then why not get out to where John baptised Jesus.

And on the banks of the Jordan

Which is either inland in Jordan or on the banks on the Israel side. You choose in your G Adventures trip and

Turin too is home to the National Cinema Club which brings us back to my starring part in Non Uccidere.

Where I have some raunchy scenes with Inspector Valeria Ferro (you’ll know better than me how to access Italian TV series).

My leading Sadie

It’s a price that Mrs M is more than prepared to pay for getting me the rest of the time.

Turin and Italy ‘Il Bel Paese’ is slowly coming through its lockdown.

If the buildings could talk

And on Monday parks, factories and construction sites will reopen.

We look forward, of course, to when we can get back out to Italy.

Il Bel Paese

With our favourite holiday providers, the Italian specialists, and FrancigenaWays

And our special places Small roads lead to Rome and Rome on €50 and

And Turin where I am something of a celebrity.


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