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May the froth be with you

And today may be the day I watch my first Star Wars film… or not.

Today, Star Wars Day… ‘May the Fourth be with you.’

Genius marketing and branding and George Lucas and Star Wars do it better than anybody which is why the franchise is worth $40m.

Which leaves Harry Potter and James Bond in the Ha’penny Place.

It was a marriage made in the heavens then when another global superpower in entertainment popped the question to Star Wars.

Where’s Princess Leia?

chewbacca of star wars

Chewy, but not Leia. Photo by Craig Adderley:

I was the envy of every amateur Ewok then when I was invited out to Anaheim to attend the opening of the Star Wars park in Disneyland.

I’d liked to say that I was excited to meet Princess Leia but I didn’t have that rush of excitement a Star Wars superfan would have.

And there were hundreds of them in the special reception party that got to enjoy Galaxy’s Edge…

Now lockdown is almost made for Star Wars nuts who will be fixed to the screens today playing with their light sabres (Steady!)

Heck, they probably do it every day anyway.

One ring to bind us all


The book of knowledge

Which is all good (it gets you out of the dish-washing) and we’ve been known to do it ourselves.

The Son and Heir has been bingeing on Lord of the Rings which has always been our thing.

From when I would read him a chapter of The Hobbit over the phone from my workplace as a kid.

And when it came to taking him to the film his Mum made a cloak for him and felt feet and sent him out in curly wig and ring.

We were the only ones dressed up in the cinema!

Potter gold


The Ghost Bus

You won’t be out of place if you get into part at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I used to damn Harry with faint praise.

While it was Daddy’s Little Girl’s thing I felt it was derivative of my fave Lord of the Rings.

But one foot in the Wizarding World will change your world for ever… Aaawlando… Orlando, the rollercoaster capital and See off Voldemort, then for a beer at Moe’s

Our heroes


Butterbeer of course

We all need a bit of fantasy in our lives just now so whoever your hero is…

Luke Skywalker, Frodo, Harry or even Aslan, and this year I got out to see where The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was filmed in the Czech Republic

Then May the Fourth be with you.

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