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Winter fell in Narnia

Winter is coming to a theatre near you… that fantasy world of fauns when Winter fell in Narnia in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

Long before Game of Thrones came the worlds of Narnia and Middle-Earth (my favourite).

We were first introduced to the winter world of Narnia as schoolchildren back in the Seventies…

When the teacher would read us the adventures of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.

The stage is set

I love Lucy: In Narnia

Now, of course, we can see the fantasy four on the big screen.

And also in the stage presentation of the UK’s favourite novel at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in London.

And on our travels in locations from CS Lewis’s Belfast to Czechia,  New Zealand with stops too in England.

Whether Lewis had Czechia in mind when the children stumbled through the wardrobe is doubtful.

The Aslan Arch

Archway to Narnia: In Bohemian Switzerland

But the location managers fell upon Bohemian Switzerland when they visited the Czech Republic as we did.

And they had themselves their Aslan Arch… and much more.

Such as the forbidding wintry rock formations through which Lucy emerges from the wardrobe and meets Mr Tumnus.

That’s Tiske Steny towering above the village of Tisá, about 50 miles north of Prague.

And if you are so minded then the cliffs provide an ideal spot for experienced rock climbers.

Lion in wait

How can I protect you? Aslan

The real photo grab, of course, is the Pravcicka Gate.

Narnians will recognise it from Peter, Susan, and Lucy leading the beavers walking on it.

While escaping the wrath of the White Witch and her wolves.

They stop to look at the Table Mountain above the frozen river where Aslan should be.

And a reveal here and because of the old movie maxim of never working with animals or children.

But they didn’t use a real lion for Aslan but created it with the magic of CGI effects.

The Pravcicka Gate they walk on though is for real.

And to give you a sense of its scale it is only the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe with a span of over 25 metres.

What a delight

Fab frosting: Turkish delight

Now to protect it you can’t stand on it, but rather under it.

But you can view it from the Falcon’s Nest hotel alongside.

Where you can find a well-preserved period restaurant.

And I dare say you’ll not have to ask if they have any Turkish Delight.

So if you’re either a Lewis fan or are wanting to mug up before the stage show then get out to Bohemian Switzerland in Czechia.

Where Winter fell in Narnia.


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