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Czechpint Jimmy

BYOB – Bring Your Own Budvar and beer expert Joshua will show you how.

You’ll forgive me for joining you late today as I’ve been sleeping off my Budvar hangover – firstly in front of the TV and then in my scratcher.

The answer on how to pour is to turn your bottle upside down, pour it into a glass and leave three fingers depth of head.

I got my beerface on: My Czech night at home

And don’t drink out of a bottle. It won’t employ all of your senses, and besides it doesn’t feel very hygienic, particularly now.

Three fingers then… I took Joshua at his word and poured and drank three bottles of Czech finest.

Which must have oiled my rusty brain cells because I only won a spot prize in the quiz.

The real opera… La Boheme in Prague

The whole point of the evening which also involved a DJ set was to promote the Czech Republic and learn more about this fantastic country.

And bring us up to speed with when we can all get out to the Czech Republic

Beer o’clock: In Zatec

Which is now if you have been cleared through testing of the Coronavirus.

I held back of course from telling those on the ZOOM chat that I have already been out there this year.

To ‘Hoptown’ Zatec, Teplice spa, the Bohemian Switzerland park which doubles as Narnia and to see David Cerny’s climbing babies, a World War II bunker, and the opera in Prague.

Roll out the barrel: In Zatec

You see if I had boasted about my good fortune in front of this party I might very well have ended up with Michael, our host, punching me.

Through the screen from his home backdrop of the State Opera House.

Now the Czechs who have been at the crossroads of the major powers at the centre of Europe know all about resilience in adversity.


Where’s Aslan? Narnia in Bohemian Switzerland which is in the Czech Republuc

But there’s one thing that has always remained a constant and a release during troubled times, their beer.

They are rightly proud that they drink more beer per head of population than any other country in the world.

The Zatec Astronomical Clock

While in Zatic in February I was already making plans to get back out one day for their Hop Festival.

Where among the competitions is ‘biggest belly.’

I’ll need to get into practice.

No, not beer this time but their restorative spring water

And now for something to whet your appetite… Hungry and Thursday – Czech please,  Bye, bye baby – Cerny’s Prague Give us this Day – the stars of Prague Hotel Beethoven – Fur Elise

And Hope springs eternal.

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