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Elizabeth, Queen of New Jersey

Whether the Queen’s death had any extra significance in the towns of Elizabeth, whisper it but they, and even some parts of the world, are getting on with life again so here’s to Elizabeth Queen of New Jersey.

Most of us never see more of New Jersey than from across the water in New York or Newark.

And that s why I’m taking you today to Elizabeth Queen of New Jersey.

Elizabeth,which I’ve been keeping from you isn’t actually named after royalty which in this case would be Queen Elizabeth of England.

And for Scottish royalists there is an important distinction here with the Elizabeth who has just died being their first Queen Elizabeth.

The English, of course, assume that England and Britain are the same place.

And they just slapped on the Elizabeth II and the world followed on.

Another Elizabeth

On the road again: To Elizabeth

The New Jersey Elizabethans take their name from  Elizabeth, the wife of Sir George Carteret.

The settlement between the Raritan River and the Passaic River, extended westward from Newark Bay.

The tract extended about 34 miles between the two rivers.

And about 17 miles westward from the Bay including what is now the City of Elizabeth.

Permission to purchase from the Indians was granted by Colonel Richard Nicolls who was Governor of all the territories in North America, in 1664.

God Save America

Looking up: On a high in Elizabeth

We all know what happened next more than 100 years later when the Colonies rose up against the King and went on to form the United States of America.

Now there have been many contenders for the most famous woman in American history.

But Lady Liberty probably still stands taller than all of them.

And Elizabeth is within easy reach of Liberty Island in New York which makes it a perfect base for exploring.

Of course, the Elizabethans and ourselves recommend taking a look around the New Jersey city.

Ferry across the Jersey

Swell: The Ferry

And that means taking the scenic NJ/NY Elizabeth Fast Ferry to the Elizabeth Waterfront Marina.

Just minutes from Newark Liberty International Airport.

And iconic attractions, shopping, dining and lodging accommodations.

Upon disembarkation, head to tax-free outlet shopping at SIMON the Mills at Jersey Gardens.

And grab a bite to eat and enjoy a diverse dining scene with over 70 cultures represented.

Stay the night at half the price.

Of NYC, at Country Inn & Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, Crown Plaza, Embasy Suites, Hampton Inn, Extended Stay America, Holiday Inn Express, Hilton, Renaissance and Residence Inn.

And the Elizabeth Fast Ferry has extended its Presale of 50% round trip.

Battle hymn of the Republic

By George: The Commander-in-Chief, Issy and an Americanophile

Of course Elizabeth has this and much more to reveal of itself, not least its history from the Revolution.

George Washington passed here and Alexander Hamilton lived in Elizabeth as a youngster.
Liberty Hall Museum Arboretum Gardens was home to New Jersey’s first elected governor William Livingston, who was a signatory to the United States Constitution.
And the 14-room Georgian-style home evolved over time into a 50-room Victorian mansion.
If like me, your American Revolution journey leads to another staging post.
Then you’ll see Livingston’s name on the scroll of signatories at the National Archives Museum in Washington DC.
All of which is in easy reach on your Eastern Board odyssey.

The world’s Elizabeth

Hands up: We want to go on the Ferry
Elizabeth, New Jersey, may be one of 18 places around the world named thus.
With 15 in America, one in Namibia, one in Guyana and one in Australia.
But the Elizabethans of New Jersey are the ones who have taken us in as one of their own.
And on that I too, like you, woke late last week to discover that I too had been renamed.
I’m told I am now an Elizabethan, of the Elizabethan Age, of Elizabeth the Great.
That is before we all become Caroliners, but that’s a different story.
This story for today is for Elizabeth, Queen of New Jersey.

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