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UK’s Canaries quarantine – no gracias Senor Johnson

My friend and emiment Travel writer Matthew Hirtes educated me on the time difference between mainland Spain and the Canaries where he lives.

One hour… you see, they’re nearer Western Sahara than Spain.

The Canaries are on the same Greenwich Mean Time as us in the UK.

Hear the bells ring out in Tenerife

And yet, Boris Johnson and our politicians know so little.

And seem to care even less about the Canaries where they are clear of COVID-19.

But yet they are put on the same quarantine list as mainland Spain.

Walk this way

Despite Santa Cruz de Tenerife where I trekked with being 2,000kms south of the high alert regions of Navarre and Aragon.

Which is where the lightning quarantine changes inflicted on tourists, our Travel agents friends and Spain are so unfair.

Nobody for miles

And while our hearts go out to the poor Canarians we equally feel for our pals in the Ballearics who are also coming out of COVID.

Because England is not being similarly penalised for Leicester having gone into lockdown.

No gracias Senor Johnson.

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