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Vote for Turkey

It’s gone under the radar but remember when we were warned to keep Turkey out of Europe… well now we want to keep Europe out and bring Turkey in.

While Greece gets added to pretty much the rest of Europe in being pulled from the exempt list holidaymakers returning from Turkey are safe from quarantine.

Which is as it should be. No, not the Greek bit, but the Turks bit.

JettyHolidays in Turkey

And as it happens we’ve got some deals for you to snap up some late summer sun.

Jet2Holidays has additional seats to Antalya and Dalaman from my local Edinburgh Airport.

What about this all-inclusive family holiday the Grand Yazici Club Marmaris Palace in Icmeier in the Dalaman area from £398pp?

Pool your talents

You’d rather ditch the family you’ve spent the last six months in lockdown with… well, here’s an adults only package.

The Flora Garden Hotel on the North side of Antalya area from £709pp. And there are private plunge rooms available too.

Water way to go: On the Bosphorus

Turkey was our first family holiday abroad, and our first in October when being further south you’ll still get the sun.

Of course, Turkey has its foot in Asia and in Europe so maybe those scare tactics that the Leavers used were pointless.

Constantinople, Byzantium, Istanbul… whichever of its iterations, has always been proudly in Asia and in Europe.

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