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The Travel pack – alpha males

And aren’t we, the alpha males, the most awkward species – especially Homo Caledonius and Homo Australis?

The story goes that Caledonius and Australis squared up in the Rockies where Australis thought it right to defend the honour of a female.

Brush it off

The female in question was an elderly Jordanian woman whom Caledonius had brushed past on his way back up the coach to rescue his rucksack.

Australis puffed out his chest and lambasted Caledonius for ‘touching the Asian woman’!

And it carried on into our Colorado spa where it did mellower and we all just chilled with our party.

Calming water.

Pagosa Springs is the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring aquifier.

Which we’re told powers local businesses, the best of whom are, of course, the craft breweries.

Springs eternal

And a shout-out here to beer archaeologist Travis and his pals at Avery Brewery h here.

Hands up for the Paradise Coast

Paradise Coast, Florida: And Paradise is right there waiting for me, as in March when this peaky bug interrupted me.

The Paradise Coast is on the south Florida coast, and a Hertz car was sitting there for me at Miami only for Donald Trump to close the country down.

Ever the Everglades

The Everglades has a certain ring to it and the National Park is a World Heritage site.

And, of course, you’ll explore the tropical jungle, mangrove and cypress swamps.

Everglades Area Tours will give you the skinny on the marine, birdlife and endangered species.

Any visitor to the Everglades will grow fins themselves with the amount of water life they eat.

But always the Floridians are thinking of the sustainability of its Paradise Coast and Keys.

And fishermen detach claws at the joint and throw the crustaceans back.

Stone crabs can regenerate their claws every one to two years, making this one of Florida’s most coveted sustainable food sources.

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