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Rainy Days and Songdays – Angie in Barbados

Angie, Angie , where will it lead us from here? – The Rolling Stones

Usually late for whoever, or wherever, we were meant to be in Barbados.

Angie Greaves popped up again over the weekend when I fell upon her radio show on Smooth FM.

Cheryl on the top: With Cheryl Carter

It’s been a couple of years since I last came across Angie, randomly, as a guest on Celebrity Pointless.

Where as I would have expected she scored a Pointless answer.

The Fun Five

Angie lit up our Barbados Crop Over trip along with the Fun Five of Extra Miley Kylie, Chippin’ Charlotte, Ab Fab, Laura Disorder and Hayley the Soca Blogger.

Angie, I christened Early Angie, for reaaons I will now explain.

Sunshine smile: Angie.

Our smooth-voiced DJ was hosting a charming old couple who had won a holiday back to Bim from where they hailed.

And was also gathering material for her radio show which meant she would always start an interview just as we were about to leave.

Soca stars

Angie, to be fair, was great company as was Champion Cheryl Carter who introduced us to Soca music.

And we were not to be disappointed.

While they both waxed lyrical on modern great Prince who had died that year, and his music…. hence the above clip.

While Prince doesn’t have a song dedicated to Angie (that I know of), The Rolling Stones do.

Mick’s pick

Mick Jagger is a big fan of the island, the cricket, the rum shops, and the women I dare say!

The story goes that it was about David Bowie’s wife as an apology when she apparently burst in and found him in bed with David Bowie.

Right at home: Mick in Barbados

Which Jagger denied.

But Keith Richards, who wrote the song, debunks that myth or that it was about his own daughter, and says it was an everywoman song.

I can’t rule out that Mick or Keef wrote it about Angie Greaves!

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