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A Letter From America Revisited

I don’t know if there’s a railtrack from Miami to Canada,

But here are planes (and ships), and just like the Scots who followed a dream I’m not giving up on mine.

The Proclaimers‘ peon to the Highland crofters who were displaced from their land and rebuilt their lives in North America still chills me to the bone.

And gets me up on my feet and twirling my kiltie, like here in Vicar Street in Dublin two tears ago.

The Scots who built America

Scots played a major part In the formation of the USA.

And you don’t have to have seem Hamilton for a history lesson, although it helps.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda announces himself as Alexander Hamilton, ‘a bastard son of a whore and a Scotsman’.

Worth a monument, methinks, and you’ll find just that in Philadelphia with the Monument to Scottish Immigrants.

Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

The statue was dedicated in 2011 and sets the scene of a settled Scot welcoming his father, his wife and their children to the New World.

Scots wha’ hae in Philadelphia

They are climbing up from the docks to Front Street, to where those who know Philly Tun Tavern was located.

And where there is a plaque marking its significance.

Room at the Inn

The Tun Tavern holds a special significance for Scots-Americans.

You see this is where the St Andrew’s Society set up after the heroic failure of the 45 Rebellion back home.

While the United States Marine Corps was formed here and had its first recruitment drive too in 1775.

And I dare say a few Jocks too.

We’re reliably informed too that four of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence are standing on the bas relief of the Memorial.

And I’m no havering!

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