Holiday Snaps – RihAnnarndale and other matches made in heaven

Our new television guilty pleasure comes to us from the ubiquitous man mountain Richard Osman, a parlour games show called House of Games.

In which he gets celebrities to change individual letters to form words (so for me it would be House of James) and smash names of images together to come up with a lame pun in Answer Smash.

I’ll give you an example… if you want to promote the new Ireland to Barbados route through Manchester you might want to go with RihAnnarndale Centre. Gerrit?

Yes, our friends at Aer Lingus are only making it even easier to get to gthe Land of Rum with a new route via Manchester.

Fares will start from €249 from Dublin or Cork.

And in keeping with the House of Games Answer Smash game and knowing that Robyn Rihanna Fenty is of Irish stock… I give you Irieland!

Let it rip

Slip slidin’ away

And memories of the dude who had a tattoo on his front saying ‘I am only afraid of God’ but got all edgy when we approached the plunge water slide at Aquatica.

Of course that feeling of fear always comes just before the adrenaline thrill.

Aquatica Orlando is introducing its All-New Riptide Race, the world’s tallest duelling racer on April 3.

You’ll start atop a 68-foot slide with low walls so you can keep an eye on your opponents. And race side by side on your raft run through high-speed tunnels, twists and turns.

Hip Hipperary

Dec’s demesne.

And, of course, in the land of Saints and Scholars there’s always a halo-clad holyman or woman just around the corner.

But this one, and his pilgrim’s path, is one that got by me.

But it stopped me in my tracks when I attended the Tipperary Transforming Webinar this week.

Dec was a pal of Paddy and walked from Cashel in Co. Tipp to Ardmore in Co. Waterford.

Pilgrims have been visiting Dec’s monastery, holy well and grave for thousands of years and you can too.



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