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Montenegro… where it pays to be lazy

With apologies to my fellow Scot and New Wave pioneer David Byrne…

But I’m wicked and I’m lazy, oh, oh, don’t you wanna save me. And they will in Montenegro.


No place like dome

Well, it’s in the Balkans on the southern border of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

And it was a favourite of Irish speculators who bought second homes there during the Celtic Tiger.

No better places to switch off and relax then with the Montenegrans among some of the most chilled people on Earth.

With the inland town of Brezna its sleepiest.

Sleeping giants

Tranquil blue seas

Brezna hosts the World Championships of laziness where the aim is to lie down for the longest time.

The Son and Heir has a few hours to go to break the record of 37 hours but he’s working on it.

Milonja Blagojecic is the inspiration behind it  and is referred to as an entrepreneur.

But in Lazy Town that probably only means that he is bothered getting out of bed.

The competition has been running since 2011 and this August will then be its tenth year.


Mountain high

So what do you have to do? Well, it started off with competitors told to just lie under a tree with a straw in your mouth for as long as they could.

But they soon tired of that idea (well, it’s in their genes).

And now you are given a mattress in a village house.

Sucking on a straw does sound like it would suck the life out of you to be fair.

And today’s competitors get to drink, sleep and surf the internet, though bizarrely you don’t get to go to the toilet.

Although it can be a bit of a chore dragging your weary behind off the mattress and into the loo at the best of times.

Easy riders

Bend it like Montenegro

In the outside world they move at a slightly quicker pace… slightly!

And the good burghers of Brezna hold a slow bike race where the last one back wins.

After which, of course, they lay into the rakija (fruit-fermented brandy).

All of which conjures up memories of Hoptown in the Czech Republic.

And yes, I am training hard for this year’s Festival and the biggest beer belly competition.

Lying back in my bed and drinking copious amounts of beer (with a potty) is the perfect training.




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