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Here’s to the next 1600 years, Venice

Up there with those to avoid in life, like taxmen and Ed Sheeran, are those who say Venice is dying… well, on this, their 1600th anniversary year, here’s to the next 1600.

Firstly, the world’s most famous city on a lagoon, has thrived for 1600 years already through plague, foe and the elements.

And despite the doom mongers’ prophecies Venice is actually better placed for the next 1600 years than any of the 1600 before.

No, not because of that picture of that dolphin returning to the Grand Canal which proved the effect of climate change.

No, that was a fake. But because, surprise, surprise, the Venetians know more about preserving their unique way of life than anybody else.

The celebrations have been in full flow since late last month and will run until March 25 next year.

So plenty of time to plan for Veniceophiles (OK I made that term up) to return to a city we have been away from too long.

We return too to the Chronican Altinate (no, me neither) and diarist Marin Sanudo for detail on Venice’s beginnings.

Sanudo referenced the San Giacomo di Rialto as being the first church, begun on March 24, 421.

These days, of course, we have the internet to go to.

And as mia moglie will tell you I’m always happy to let someone else to do the heavy lifting.

Just follow the Venezia calendar on their site for a host of cultural and historical events which you can follow.

And our breakaway party from our trip to Padova

And per tua informazione Venice I’m free pretty much the rest of the year.

Heck, it’s Venice, I’m free l’intero anno.


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