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New York rebuilding again… 20 years since 9/11

The City of Skyscrapers aims high, and 20 years since 9/11 New York is rebuilding again.

This time it’s a virus rather than a violence that has shaken America’s largest, most vibrant city.

But this week Mayor Bill de Blasio and his team launched New York‘s fightback.

There’s a $30m injection of cash into international tourism.

Now the first thing we’ll notice if we come through LaGuardia Airport is well, that it’s new, a veritable crystal palace of an airport.

A new New York

Things have changed since we were there last.

And NY now boasts a new train hall, Moynihan Train Hall, an expansion of Penn Station.

Moyni-who? They must be Irish, right?

Well, yes, it was the pet project of former NY Senator Pat Moynihan.

Two green icons

From the right side of the tracks to treading the boards.

NYC & Company treated us to a cast preview of the musical Girl from the North Country.

The musical celebrates the music of Bob Dylan and of course NY shaped America’s Poet Laureate of the Sixties.

Musical New York

Another arts giant to leave a lasting mark on Broadway and New York is Lin/Manuel Miranda.

And his much anticipated musical In The Heights will be out in July.

Breaking the glass ceiling

Miranda, of course, brought us the phenomenon that is Hamilton.

The movie version of which was released to stream on Disney+ last year.

Now I’ve been treated to Disney on Broadway in Anaheim at the last American Travel Fair in 2019.

And I can’t wait to walk down Broadway, or more likely skip after enjoying another of their musicals.

New York is rebuilding again, and is on the up and up once more.

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