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The UK’s Four Nations approach is a cruise

It’s been one of the catchphrases of politicians over this Covid year but I prefer it when the UK’s Four Nations approach is a cruise.

And as we look into the horizon to the days (next year hopefully) when we can all cruise around foreign shores again, let’s celebrate our own British Isles.

And that’s what our old friends at Royal Caribbean are doing with their All roads lead to the British Isles pitch.

Whistlestop tour

Now Royal Caribbean helpfully give us a Four Nations approach.

That’s a whistlestop digital tour of the British Isles which geographically (and not politically) also includes the Republic of Ireland to make it five.

All of which we’ll leave to others to debate as cruiseheads leave the outside world behind when we’re on the waters around our shores.

Deal me in

Kings and the Castle: Edinburgh

Royal Caribbean is offering three 12-night options on Jewel of the Seas which leaves from Amsterdam… and, of course, Royal Caribbean will keep you abreast of the latest Travel guidelines.

But so that you can get saving here’s their offers:

RC has an interior room for €1369 for August 19, 2022, which checks in at Edinburgh with its Castle, its historic Royal Mile and Greyfriars Bobby statue.

Then up to seee Nessie at Loch Ness, Greenock from where James Watt, the father of steam power, originates.

Onto Liverpool, home of the Beatles and the Son and Heir, over to Cork, the last stop for Titanic before its transatlantic voyage although maybe best not mentioned in shipping circles here.

St Peter Port in the Channel Islands will be your last stop on this tour and obviously we’ve inserted a Jersey Cow heere.

žCan I be trusted on a bike? In Amsterdam

Before checking out the White Cliffs of Dover, and we won’t spoil a classic song by mentioning that Bluebirds don’t fly over here and that they’re really found in the US of A.

I said we won’t.

Those white Cliffs of Dover

Before you’re back in Amsterdam, and seeing that this trip is for next year and we’ll all be back to normal spend some time in one of the world’s great cities.

We want more

The Giant’s Causeway: Northern Ireland

The €1399 package for June 8 for an interior room includes Belfast  Holyhead in Wales an Waterford in Ireland too.

The Travel pack in Dublin

While for €1599 for an interior room you can get the jewel in the Irish crown, Dublin amongst the other highlights on the other offers.

And seeing you’re on holiday you can also check out their upgrades to balcony rooms… and you know you’ve got savings for just this option.

So we’re all behind the Four Nations approach… sorry, make that Five!


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