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Song for Europe

Eurovision, the World Cup and the Olympics were the gateway to the world for all us Fiftysomethings.

So tonight’s renewed Eurovision Song Contest from Rotterdam is fertile ground for travel writers.

Where we can reference every country on the continent… and even further afield now to Israel and Australia.

Malta teaser

Making headway on my Segway in Gozo, Malta’s wee sister

Colours to the mast here… The Scary One and I (or me, I never know which is right) are right behind Malta.

It’s always been our island – we got engaged there.

It’s an island infused by the many peoples who have passed through… of course the wise ones stayed.

And their entry this year, Destiny’s Je ma casse is a funky upbeat dance tune with a statement of female empowerment.

The liberating sentiment in Je ma casse ‘I’m Outta Here’ should be popular with the judges.

Destiny is calling

Destiny child: Malta’s entry

Destiny’s ditty, both in terms of its lyrics and sound, feels like a nod to Aussie house duo Madison Avenue and their hit Don’t Call Me Baby.

For Destiny’s ‘So if I show some skin Doesn’t mean I’m giving in, Not your baby (je me casse) take Madison Avenue’s original…

‘You know I don’t belong to you, it’s time you knew I’m not your baby. I belong to me so don’t call me baby.’

Anyhoos, it’s not the only thing about Destiny that feels familiar.

For real Euroheads you might know her as a former Junior Eurovision winner while fans of Britain’s Got Talent may recognise her as a beaten semi-finalist.

While Ibiza is lauded as the party island of the Med and is certainly bopping Malta has my vote.

And that of all the ravers who go there annually for its sets and festivals.

Roman rock gods

I’ll be back: The Trevi Fountain in Rome

Its big neighbour to the north and which you can enjoy a day trip to, Italy, is joint-favourite to be the Song for Europe this year.

Rock and pyrotechnics… don’t worry this isn’t pastiche Lordi but flash Maneskin (no, us either).

If it’s goth rock energy you’re after this Roman four-piece and their anthem Zitti E Buono (Shut Up and Behave) should get your vote.

Voila, c’est La France

Bravo: On World Cup final day at the French Embassy in Dublin

The third co-favourites, France are of course European heavyweights. Voila!

No, that’s the name of Parisienne Barbara Pravi’s offering.

Naturellement as a chanteuse Barbara channels her inner Edith Piaf and .

And while it’s perfectly charming La Belle Babs lacks that va va voom we’re looking for as our Song for Europe.

As for the Oo K? Well, James Newman from Settle in Yorkshire, a village we know well and a county too with Casey Jones, the father-in-law, emanating from thar.

A poppy sound Embers with a strong hook, we’re not pinning our money on it though.

Have a good Eurovision…Je ma casse, I’m outta here!

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