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Nobody sleeps until Italia sings

There’s another song at the Euros, the song of opera, and nobody sleeps until Italia sings.

In the final at Wembley on Sunday against the winners of tonight’s England v Denmark semi-final.

It seems apt then that Italy, who opened the football extravaganza a few weeks ago with Bocelli’s belter, should be there at the end.

La Duckiata

Great quack in Macerata

Of course Nessun Dorma sounds a lot more lyrical than Nobody Sleeps.

And Giueseppe Verdi better than Joseph Green or Federico Chiesa than Frederick Church.

Federico e is il figlio di Enrico, o Henry, and come suo padre nella squadra d’Azzurri.

Forza Azzurri

Il Calcio

You see everything is usually better in un altra lingua and even better in their country.

And so opera should be enjoyed in Italy, where it is not the stuffed-shirt evening out for the posh that it can be elsewhere.

Being the Bohemians that we are we look out for news on opera and are kept up to date with aria world.

My Bohemian rhapsody

A night at the opera in Prague

And so we’d like to share the imminent renewal of the Macerata Opera Festival ‘100×100 Sferisterio’ from July 23-August 13.

Mace-where? Well, it’s in Le Marche, south-east of Florence on the Adriatic Sea.

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

And this year we’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first opera in Macerata.

Opera, while Italian is multinational, and Verdi’s Aida is entrusted to Valentina Carrasco, from Argentina.

And Carrasco worked with the Spaniards, rivals last night on the footy field, and the theatrical group Fura dels Baus.

Message to you Rudy

Theatrical: Macerata

The month-long festival will also celebrate Italy’s national poet Dante Alighieri with the rest of Il Bel Paese on his 700th anniversary.

There will be a homage too to Rudolf Nureyev, who loved the Macerata Festival.

Aida in 1921 in Macerata

Now we’re not going to commit who we’re following in Sunday’s final or calling a winner.

Because we all know it’s not over till la bella canta.

Oh go on then, nobody sleeps until Italia sings.



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