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The VeriFLY App

Now we’re dusting ourselves, and our documents down, the return of our Travel Help series brings Holidos and Don’ts the VeriFLY App.

Talk of the VeriFLY app has been circulating for the last few months.

And it was on the lips of British Airways Commercial Manager Ireland Tara Magee.

Screen time

Just a couple of taps

On travel professional Fionn Davenport’s excellent American webinar on ITTN where Visit USA also filled us in. And more of that through the week.

And when Tara talks you listen, as we found out on our BA and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority trip to Neon City.

It had been a watershed moment in my Travel life, being invited to turn left on the plane.

That’s the business

Seated and suited

We’d been wined and dined on our way out from Heathrow and enjoyed the same on our way to the States.

But when it came to getting ready for our return flight to London a couple of us were still in our Vegas casuals.

Guilty here of trying to squeeze the last pips from the Strip, the Whip-Its and Harrah’s.

But Tara rightly reminded us, in no certain terms, that our attire was not that of businessmen.

Covid test, check

Take the stress away

BA has expanded the use of the VeriFLY document storage app UK- US and to all UK inbound international flights since February.

And American Airlines are on board too for all international travel into the US.

And it takes much of the stress and organisation of flying out of your experience.

Here’s a thing too, it allows you to upload a negative Covid-19 test result for it to be checked before you arrive at the airport.

Put your name on it

And remember your seat number

It’s straightforward to set up an account and download a picture.

You will be asked to scan the QR code of your negative test.

Enter your flight details, permissions to fly, negative Covid tests, and seat number and check-in details (within 24 hours of departure).

As is best here we’re best listening to what BA is saying on where they’re at.

‘We have worked with VeriFLY to further develop its capability and enable online check-in.

“This means that customers who have their documentation checked before travel with VeriFLY.

‘Or through can check in online for their flight and download their boarding pass.

‘Reducing the need to queue at the airport.’

Vegas lady

Not the sartorial elegance

BA has built up a loyalty and trust with its passengers and we turn to them for the direction of Travel.

We’ll listen in when they talk and anticipate a user-friendly return to trans-Atlantic and international travel with the best app help.

And while my sartorial eloquence let me down in Vegas (no surprise there) my manners held up.

And Tara shared with me that I was one of only two from the group to thank her for taking us on the trip.

So, Tara, happy to have you contributing to Holidos and Don’ts the VeriFLY App.


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