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Clip our wings we’re off to Portland

Clip our wings we’re off to Portland with a new non-stop British Airways route to Oregon.

This time of the year, more than any other, we look up to the skies… for a flying sleigh.

Santa Super Spreader of love

Spread the love: Santa

Now none of us really expect Santa to show he’s double vaccinated and boosted.

That he has to take a Lateral Flow Test, PCR test, show a vaccine passport, or have to self-isolate.

And surely if anyone would be a super spreader it would be Santa who is in and out of every house in the world.

So go figure, Government?

Fantasy? No more so than anything else being inflicted on us just now in this parallel universe.

The Great Unknown

Giddy up: A frontiersman

Thankfully there are those of us throughout history who have always been prepared to set into the Great Unknown.

And I reckon I’d be that type of Frontiersman.

All who do yield the benefits, such as those who took the trail out to Portland.

And looked for gold.

Golden liquid

Toast: To Portland

The gold now comes in a whiskey glass and their distillery at their airport.

And that’s the kind of welcome I’ll always appreciate.

British Airways, of course, always oblige.

Fly to Portland

And win with Jim: We both love Oregon

On June 3, British Airways will launch their first year-round, nonstop flight from London to Portland, Oregon.

The new service will run five days a week from London Heathrow to Portland International Airport.

The service was originally due to start on June 1 but was delayed due to Covid.

Fares start from £499 ($662 USD) based on return fare in World Traveller (economy).

Flights to Portland will depart on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday during the summer and in the winter.

And it will be operated on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

All the way to Oregon

Portland Bandana/ Straight from Portland

All of which is unfinished business with the pesky Delta variant putting paid to that visit in September.

And old acquaintances will be brought to mind and my Portland sparring partner Laura from American travel fairs

There’s dancing to be done.

So clip our wings we’re off to Portland.




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