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Peake of our Space powers

Some good news… we’re at the Peake of our Space powers and astronaut Tim is only going to be spreading the word on a tour of Europe.

Britain’s most famous spaceman is the guest of honour at the London leg of the European Space Agency Space Station Earth show.

At the Royal Albert Hall on May 15.

Flying the flag: Sir Tim Peake

Award-winning film and composer Ilan Eshkeris (David Attenborough’s The Perfect Planet, The Young Victoria; Stardust) otherworldly music provides the backdrop.

While Sir Tim will showcase photos and films he and other astronauts took aboard the International Space Station.

The European Space Agency

Float on: Drifting in space

At each stop on the tour, a European Space Agency astronaut will hold a pre-show.

With, yes, Sir Tim up in his home capital of London.

And the thing about Space shows is they don’t scrimp on space.

So the rare footage will be projected across three massive screens with a light show to create an incredible experience.

Out of this world

Suits you: A Space Odyssey

If you haven’t heard Ilan’s music before you might be wondering about what you’ll get.

Think Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Fantasia.

And what has Tim in mind for us: ‘There aren’t many words that can truly describe the beauty of seeing Earth from space.

‘But Space Station Earth attempts to do this, using music and video, to capture the emotion of human spaceflight and exploration.’

Work together

Station to Station: International Space Station

Five partner Space Agencies helped build the International Space Station, which now involves people from more than 15 countries.

And is the world’s largest international cooperative program in science and technology.

It has been permanently occupied by people from these different countries, working together for over 20 years.

‘It is both a pinnacle of human achievement and a beacon of hope that is a testament to what we can achieve when we work together.

Space age: With NASA

‘It has been said that living on the space station you realise that if you don’t look after the vessel you are travelling in and you don’t look after your fellow travellers, you won’t survive the journey.

‘Then, when you look down upon Earth, you realise that the same is true.

‘We have to look after this planet we’re travelling on and we have to look after each other in order to survive the journey.’

Tour de force

And now for the science bit: And how do they do that?

Somebody put this man on the phone to Vladimir Putin.

And if you can’t wait until then you can catch the show on May 12 at AFAS Live, Amsterdam.

And at Palais 12, Brussels on May 13.

Ah, yes, we are at the Peake of our Space powers.




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